Mother's Day was a great day for me, for our family. And not only because Ryan gave me a beautiful red camera and 2 precious cards. It was also wonderful because I really started to believe that motherhood IS worth it...worth the wider hips, decreased funds, larger thighs, darker under-eye circle, increased responsibility, more for others, less for me. Sacrificing yourself for someone else is sanctifying and overall, I find myself to be less selfish, less anal, more loving, more tender-hearted and overall more grown-up as a result of mothering Charlie. And those are good things.

Speaking of motherhood, I'm throwing a baby shower for an Augusta friend tomorrow. So tonight I'll be baking and washing china. I adore and take advantage of any opportunity to pull out the Lenox Pearl Platinum :). I'll be sure to document and post some pictures of the festivities.

Charlie was so excited to see the goats and chickens at a local petting zoo.


Katherine Maxey said...

I am so happy for you, Emily! Katherine is enjoying a new camera (for Mother's day) as well.

It's hard being a 'mom'...I take Katherine and all that she does day in and day out for granted most of the time, but I am so thankful for her and her sacrifices to raise our children (and thankful for you too, Emily :-)) Glad ya'll are doing well.

Jill said...

Oh my gosh, your hips are so wide, I can hardly SEE around them.

JK of course:)

Marlo said...

The rewards are well worth the sacrifices for sure. Cute pictures!