Did have a nice encouraging post on motherhood brewing but I had to skip it in lieu of a comment on this Miss California controversy. In the pageant, she was asked about her beliefs on gay marriage by Perez Hilton. She answered the question honestly and he exploded. I just heard him on the Today show and he actually said that people should leave their politics at the door of the pageant and be relevant to all Americans, blah blah blah blah. I was in shock. If you don't want to hear a political answer or someone's personal opinion on a politically-charged topic, don't ask a political question. What he was saying was so incredibly moronic...if you are too much of a baby to handle the truth, D-O-N-'T A-S-K. What a little brat...get over it! It's YOUR fault this whole thing happened!



Candace Piepgrass said...

I agree the question was dumb, but the better question is why on earth was he a judge in the first place. What is he famous for again? My guess is he knew she was conservative before he ever asked the question and was trying to make a bigger name for himself, and promote gay marriage. Ughhh!!!

Janelle said...

AHHHHHHH right there with you!!!!

Marlo said...

You haven't updated this in a while. I want to read that nice encouraging post on motherhood you mentioned. :)