I hope I've mentioned Etsy on this blog before. I really can't say enough about Etsy. I think I'm obsessed. It's a bigger time-suck for me than Facebook. I had a sick baby so I stayed home from church yesterday and after organizing the pantry, butler's pantry/office area and the downstairs linen closet (go me - I love organizing in January!), I spent about 5 hours on Etsy (just to defend myself: I did play Charlie's new Thomas board game and memory with him for quite awhile too).

Anyway, I found some amazing things. And some amazing things that I just know I could make, if I can get my new sewing and monogramming machine up and running (a Christmas gift from Ryan).

Here are some of my favorite finds -

Adorable Hearts
Stuffed Letters
Stuffed Numbers
All of these Valentine's Day birds
Amazing necklace (and actually, I love all of this seller's stuff)
Felted Acorns
Amazing hair piece (too bad I already had my wedding)

The list could go on and on...

To see for yourself, just checkout the featured items from their blog. And while you're at it, find something to buy, support handmade stuff, stay-at-home moms. You know you have at least one random gift to purchase or something!


Marlo said...

I have to stay off of Etsy. It's addicting!

Sarahbeth said...

I love those letters and numbers! And that necklace!!!!

Tyson said...

I've never heard of it..........Can't wait to check it out!