First pictures

Today I had another ultrasound to confirm a few things because our littlest son was not cooperative last time (except for showing us his maleness) and the doctor wanted to try for some better views of his heart. Everything looked great, Praise the Lord, and I came home with some great pictures.

Here's a good shot of our boy -

and a precious little foot...

His name is Elliot, for one of my hero's Jim (and Elizabeth) Elliot (the rest of the name is still under discussion). And Elliot means The Lord Is My God...what more could you want? :)

Tomorrow we head back to Savannah, to drop Charlie off with my parents and fly to Chicago early Friday, returning Monday. Ryan has another conference and I'm once again going along for the ride. We've never been to Chicago so even though I hate to leave Charlie, I'm excited to see (and shop!) the city.


Libby & Colin said...

LOVE the name, Emily. It's great to see pictures of your little guy!

maryanne helms said...

Hooray...for sweet little Elliot! Congrats, Em. Such a special tim in your life.

Jill said...

1) I'm glad to see a picture of YOUR uterus and not one that you got off of Google images or something:) JK!

2) Thanks for sharing the name. It's a great one: pronouncable but not too common, which is ideal.

3) I LOVE Chicago and am jealous that you are going there. You HAVE to check out the Magnificent Mile.

Emily said...

Jill, our hotel is ON the MAGNIFICIENT MILE! Isn't that so great!?!? Too bad you can't come with me. :)

Jill said...

Warning: You'll see a lot of American Girl bags on the Magnificent Mile...I guess they have a store there...The mania will probably make you thankful you're not having a daughter.

Marlo said...

Love your last 2 posts!
The namesake is pretty awesome- I had often thought that Elliot would make a good boys name, too.
& Yay for Chicago. We got to visit Heather & Sloan there last Spring & loved it.